Wednesday, February 15, 2012

The REAL Reason The Left Insists On Increasing The Debt & Deficit

The administration keeps trying to convince us that we must spend more in order to fix the economy. Anyone who made it through pre-school knows you cannot borrow and spend your way to prosperity. So let's brush all the BS and liberal hype aside and try to determine the real reason they insist so strongly on spending us into oblivion, where Obama had added over $5 TRILLION in debt in just his first term (and, hopefully, his last).

In order to understand many things, it is necessary to start at the end rather than the beginning. It's like planning a vacation. First you determine WHERE you want to end up, and work backward from there. For instance, let's say you live in New York and want to be in San Diego in 6 days, driving there. So you start from the destination, San Diego. Assuming you know the approximate number of miles you can drive in a day, you then figure out where you have to be on Day 5 in order to reach San Diego on Day 6. Then you must figure where you must be on Day 4 in order to be in the Day 5 location on Day 5. And so on.

Understanding what the liberals are doing is similar - you must start from where they want to be, then move backward to understand why they do what they do. By and large, liberals - and especially progressives - want to end up with a socialist form of government in which the government has the power to rule its citizens (which is the opposite of what America was founded to be). And they understand the best way to accomplish that is to make the majority of citizens DEPENDENT upon government, much like a drug addict depends upon his dealer.

This means liberals want to create a state of dependency. But that cannot be accomplished unless and until the government can provide the entitlements the citizens would be addicted to. This means they must create entitlements, which also means they must have the money to pay for them.

Where to get that money? From those who have money - tax the rich. This is the mantra you constantly hear from those on the left, and now you know why - they need the money to create and pay for entitlements that will addict the populace so that they can be easily manipulated and controlled. Are you getting the picture?

But all of this, from start to finish, requires heavy taxation. But people oppose higher taxes. What to do?

Well, briefly put, liberals spend every dime, then borrow more and more until we are so far in debt that the only course of action is to increase taxes. The people will accept higher taxes in order to pay the debt because their entitlements are threatened if the debt is not paid - see what is going on in Greece to see how that works. If the Greek government were to tell the rioters that they can keep their entitlements but will have to force "the rich" pay more taxes, the riots would cease. But it would not stop at taxing the rich, because even the rich do not have that much money.

In order for progressivee liberals like Obama, Reid & Pelosi to establish the socialist state in America, they must first bankrupt the capitalist state, to "prove" that capitalism does not work. That's like breaking a marathon runner's leg in order to prove he can't win a marathon. He COULD have if he had not been sabotaged.

Obama is sabotaging capitalism, to prove it does not work. People will lose a lot, and will clamor for the government to "fix" things. And then the government will say, "OK, we can fix this, but you will have to relinquish your own power and give it to government. Only then can we "protect" you. And socialism will rule the day in America.

That is how it was done during the French revolution. And the Russian revolution. And in every nation that subjugated its citizens with socialism.

And in every case, socialism failed because it simply cannot work. You can re-read my alternate ending to the parable of The Little Red Hen, published on this blog just the other day.

So, progressive liberals insist on increasing spending and debt because they need to break the back of capitalism. They need to bankrupt America in order to, as Obama once said, "fundamentally transform America."

If unsure what he meant, look up the definition of "fundamental". That will tell you everything you need to know about him.


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