Friday, February 3, 2012

Obama Claims God Wants The Rich To Pay More - But Does He?...

President Obama says God wants the rich to pay more taxes, and he refers to luke 14:28 where it says, "From those who have much, much is demanded."

But before anyone jumps to the conclusion that the verse proves God approves of socialism or social justice through taxation, consider the value of someone saying "I love you" with a gun pointed at their head and being forced to say it. Just how much meaning would it have? How much value?

Throughout the Bible the Lord indicates that He wants us to CHOOSE to do the right thing, because the use of force negates its value. We know this because the very first thing God gave us in Genesis after giving us life is the gift of FREE WILL. And from that point on, He makes it clear that He wants us to be righteous by choice, not by force. Because force eliminates the righteousness of the act.

We also know this is true because God has the power to force us all to do whatever He wants. But we do not see Him doing that, do we? If He, Himself will not force us to give more or do more, why would anyone believe that force is the way to accomplish goodness?

I fully agree that God wants us all to do whatever we can to make this a better world, each according to his or her ability. But I also know that unless we CHOOSE to do it, voluntarily, then the entire purpose is usurped.

God is testing each of us. In order to know which of us is at least trying to be righteous, our actions must be voluntary. We win no points by being forced into doing good.


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Anonymous said...

Correct me if I'm wrong but this is the same president that bashed the bible in the beginning of the first election is it not? But now he's ok with going by the bible?