Monday, February 27, 2012

Hershey Proves How Easy It Is To Make Fools Of People

I'm sure you have seen the commercials for the "new" Hershey's Kisses - you know, the ones that are "better" because they are filled with little air pockets. And it amazes me that any human being would ever even dumb enough to  allow themselves to be ripped off like that.

In a nutshell - the price of those Kisses is not lower than the price of original Kisses, but they have 25% less chocolate. HERSHEY'S HAS PEOPLE PAYING MONEY TO EAT AIR! How stupid is that? Smart for Hershey's - stupid for the idiots that fall for it.

Most companies are less obtuse with their sneakiness - a "gallon" of ice cream is now only 3/4 a gallon, at the same price as the gallon. But Hershey's has gone much further - they give the same volume, but much of that volume is empty space. Air pockets.

And they market it to fools by claimimg it is somehow "better" because it's "cool".

I have another name for it - FRAUD!


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Steve said...

Hershey's is late to the party. Mars corp. announced a plan weeks ago where they will start making their candy bars 20% smaller to "fight obesity". Of course there was no mention of a 20% price reduction to reflect the size of the candy bars.