Thursday, February 23, 2012

How Gas Prices Could Be Cut By $1/gal Instantly - And Why Obama Won't Do It

If there is any one thing that could cut gasoline prices by at least a dollar per gallon overnight - literally - it would be an edict by the Obama administration to eliminate the countless blends that gas companies have to produce to meet local requirements.

Before you say that those blends are necessary, there are over 55 of them, and less than 6 are necessary for reasons of climate, seasonal or altitude differences. All the rest are mandated by states to suit their own environmental agendas.

Now, I'm all for protecting the environment, but many of those local regulations do little or nothing for the environment. But even that is not the point.

The point is simple - if a state, such as California (which requires the most regulations on blends) wants to have specialized blends to suit THEIR state and THEIR agenda, then California should PAY for those blends. As it stands now, most of those additional costs are rolled into the national price, which means people in Maine are paying the price for the foolishness of California. And that is not right.

The government should limit "national" blends to about 6, which are for altitude, seasonal and climate differences, and the national price should reflect ONLY that cost. If a state wants something special, then it should be mandated that ONLY that state will pay the additional costs. If you do that, watch how quickly those states start revoking their idiotic regulations once they discover the other 49 states will not be sharing the cost.

As to how I know Obama will not take this simple step, it is because he is in the pocket of the "greenies". If he were to pass such an edict, the far-left environmentalist loons would eviscerate him. That is why he shot down the Keystone pipeline, shut down drilling in many areas and blew 2 billion taxpayer dollars on risky "green" companies that all went bankrupt and cost the taxpayers dearly. But it pleased the far left. And that's where Obama resides.


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