Wednesday, May 9, 2012

When Is A "Right" Not A Right?

I am getting SO sick of the progressive/socialist/liberal jerks who keep trying to convince us that everything is a "right". It's not. MOST of the things they call for are PRIVILEGES, not rights.

By definition, a right is something EVERY person is born with, and the right is endowed by the Creator. It cannot be taken away, it cannot be licensed, it cannot be charged for. A privilege, on the other hand, is not automatic, we are not born with it, it is not granted by God, it can be revoked, it can be licensed and can be charged for.

The right to bear arms is a right. But driving a car is a privilege. If it were a right, the government could not keep blind people from driving, and could not revoke your license. In fact, if it were a right you would not even need a license.

So, when liberals try to con us into believing birth control is a right, they are what I like to call - WRONG! And when they say marriage is a right - WRONG! It is licensed, regulated, charged for and not everyone can marry whom they wish - like those who want multiple wives, or who want to marry a sheep.

Every time a liberal uses the term "right" you can be pretty certain they are talking about a privilege, not a right. And when they DO mention a right that is, in fact, a right (like the right to bear arms), they are probably trying to take that right away from us.

So, regadless of which side you may be on concerning gay marriage, understand this one thing - IT IS NOT A RIGHT. Never has been, and never will be.

After all, if it were a right, every person could DEMAND to marry. So, what if a guy cannot find a mate - is the government obligated to order some hapless woman to marry him, simply because he insists on exercising his "right"?

Not hardly.


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