Friday, May 11, 2012

Liberal Media Is At It Again

This from Yahoo News today...

"Bristol Palin is sparking a social media backlash for disagreeing with President Barack Obama's support of same-sex marriage. The former Dancing with the Stars contestant, author and unwed mother..."

Notice how they automatically try to smear someone that disagrees with them? They just HAD to throw in "...and unwed mother", as if to point out that her marital status somehow makes her unworthy of having an opinion on gay marriage.

Once again the liberal media tries to shut down free speech when it is a conservative who is speaking. And once again they do it in an underhanded way.

The non-news article went on to post several tweets by liberal morons all insulting Bristol Palin personally, rather than debate her position. Again, typical of the idiots on the left - they know their arguments have no merit so they attack their opponents with personal slurs and smears.

It's like when that moron Howard Dean says Republicans are stupid, hate women, hate gays and are racist etc. Well, I am a Republican. With an I.Q. that would dwarf any number he could probably count to I am not stupid. Holding a 4.0 GPA through 7 years of college I am not ignorant. I disapprove of gay MARRIAGE but have several gay friends, so I don't "hate gays" and I'm not homophobic. I simply disagree as to whether they should marry. I do not think they should be ostracized for their lifestyle - they should have all the same rights as married couples. But not MARRIAGE, because I believe that institution is a CHURCH function, not a state function. And I certainly do not hate women - my mother was a woman. So is my wife. And my daughter. Love 'em all. And racist? That's a joke! I married a Penobscot Indian and many of my closest friends are minorities.

[SIDE NOTE] Did you notice that in 2004 the Democrats had Howard Dean and John Edwards as their choices for president? That says it all!

It's far-left lunatics like Howard Dean and the liberal media who are feeding the hatred and division we now see in America. And President Obama, in lock-step with Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi is leading them with his "war on women", "war on wealth", "war on Arizona", "war on non-union shops", "war on Catholics", "war on Republicans", "war on straight marriage" etc. The only people he has not actively divided are the far-left liberals who support him and the Muslim Brotherhood (a terrorist organization) that he invited to the White House.

I say Bristol Palin has every right to express her opinion without being subjected to smears, slurs and personal insults. And it is high time sane and reasonable people of both parties should take the far-left and far-right haters to task, and shut them down. Shun them. Ostracize them. Call them out. We do not need their vitriol. And we certainly do not need a President who not only encourages them, but leads them.


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