Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Proof that liberals are not bright

OK, you know I am not a "fan" of Huffington Post. Here is just one very clear reason why --- a story today about the Democrat governor of West Virginia not very pleased with Obama, nor is WV's democrat senator Manchin. Both good men, by the way. Just belong to the wrong party.

Anyway, here is a comment from a "HuffPost Super User" with 1575 HuffPost "Fans":



Attorney.CPA- Debunking GOP Myths . 1575 Fans

"West Virginia is in reality another welfare red state. According to the Tax Foundation WV pays an average of 8,800 in federal taxes per person. They receive 16,400 in federal spending per person. Only Missisippi is lower in math and science education.
The pattern is clear, if you want to be an illiterate, uneducated state dependent on the federal government, be conservative. "

I don't like bursting anyone's bubble, but when it is a liberal delusion, I'm happy to do it. In case Mr. "Garyatty10" missed it, WV is not exactly a red state. They have and have had Democrat governors and senators for quite awhile. Perhaps he "forgot" that the longest, oldest senator was Senator Byrd - Democrat and KKK leader. Yet this delusional liberal whose only purpose in life is to spread what he KNOWS are lies, says WV problems are caused by conservatives. In fact, the ONLY reason WV shows up as a "red state" is not because they are overrun with conservatives, but simply because they voted for McCain instead of Obama - because Obama threatened in his campaign to shut down coal, which is the mainstay of the WV economy. The fact remains that otherwise, they vote Democrat - their governor, past governor, senators...

So, Garyatty10, here's the truth, in your own words - "if you want to be an illiterate, uneducated state dependent on the federal government, be"... LIBERAL.  You and the 1575 other idiots who think you are great can wallow in shame, not to mention your own ignorance.


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