Tuesday, May 1, 2012

How To Hold A Non-Protest

Today the mighty unions, Occupy Wall Street crowd and other disenchanted communists and socialists had planned a huge nationwide protest/rally. They expected thousands in NYC alone. The liberal media hyped this coming event as if it were the trial of Dick Cheney.

About 200 showed up.

Suddenly, the lib media is silent about this non-event.

But I was astonished when one intrepid reporter cornered a protester and asked flat out, "What do you want?" Can you guess his response?

"We want a country where everything is free. Free food, free housing..." His list of "wants" ran on. I wonder if idiots like that ever stop to wonder where all that free stuff would come from. If it's all free, no one would work. No one would therefore pay taxes. And the government would have no money to pay for all that free stuff. But hey, let's not confuse drug-fogged liberal, socialist brains with anything resembling facts.

It really galls me that so many useless people really believe they are entitled to what I worked for. They expect to be able to take from me simply because I have more than they. It never occurs to them that I have more because I DO more. I EARN more. While they partied and toked, I spent 7 years studying hard in college. While they mooched off Mom and Dad, I went into $160,000 debt for college. While they sat around toking and wasting their lives, I spent nearly 20 years working over 100 hours a week to start a successful business. And now that I am successful, they believe they have a right to take what I earned (which they COULD have earned, but refused to).

I blame their parents for never reading "The Little Red Hen" to those losers.


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