Monday, May 14, 2012

'Tis The Season Of Deceit & Dishonesty

The Obama campaign put out a two-minute video and a six-minute video featuring interviews with former workers at GST Steel, a company acquired by Romney's private equity firm Bain Capital in 1993. GST shut down its Kansas City plant in 2001, costing about 750 workers their jobs.

Of course, there is a lot the Obama campaign is NOT telling, and that is what makes their ads dishonest and deceitful. For example, Romney was no longer running the day-to-day activities at Bain Capital when GST Steel went bankrupt in 2001. And they don't mention that 17 other steel companies (including the largest one, Bethlehem Steel) also went bankrupt that year because foreign countries were dumping cheap steel in the U.S. And they don't mention that Romney was also responsible for starting another steel company that succeeded and hired over 6000 people.

And this: Bain Capital only took over businesses that were already in financial trouble, and already headed for bankruptcy. Some they were able to save; some not.

And finally: It was Romney's JOB to create profit for Bain Capital investors. It was NOT his job to create jobs. And Romney obviously did the job well. On the other hand, it HAS been Obama's job to create jobs and he has not done so. That begs the question: Do we want someone who gets a job DONE, or someone who cannot?


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