Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Always Good For A Laugh

Was checking out a (dubious) story on AOL/HuffPost. The headline reads "Favorability Of Supreme Court Hits New Low".

Well, maybe yes - maybe no.

The story goes on to say how the Supreme Court had a favorability rating of around 70 or so, and now it's down to 52. But here is the rest of the story, according to Pew Research, who conducted that poll...

First, the UNFAVORABILITY rating remains virtually the same as before - 28% in 1985, 29% today. So, they are not held to be any more UNFAVORABLE.

The difference in favorability lies in the fact that in 1985 there were 8% who held "no opinion". That has risen to 29%.

It is believed the people expressing "no opinion" has risen because they are waiting to see how the Supremes rule on ObamaCare and immigration.

But here is the point that HuffPost either missed or simply avoided - the UNFAVORABILITY rating of the Supreme Court has not changed. And I believe after they rule on those crucial issues in June and rule in favor of Arizona and rule against ObamaCare, those with "no opinion" would change their vote to "favorable".


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