Monday, May 21, 2012

Law Of The Sea Treaty

Few people are aware of the great danger in the works as I write this. Obama and liberal Democrats are pushing the ratification of the LOST Treaty in the next few weeks. So, how does this endanger America?

LOST was formulated by the U.N., which consists of dozens of nations that hate America. The treaty would give the U.N. the power to destroy America, literally. For example, it allows the U.N. to force - FORCE - America to give up large portions of its royalties on gas and oil to other nations. It could FORCE America to shut down coal mining and coal-powered plants - from whence we get 70% of our electricity. It will control sea lanes currently controlled by the U.S. Navy.

Are you getting it? Do you see what is going on? The U.N. is striking out to be THE One World Government by taking us down.

Do you think, "Oh, so what - we can just back out of it when we get a new president and Congress." Sorry, but no. Under our own Constitution in the Supremacy clause, America is OBLIGATED to honor any treaty we enter into. We cannot revoke it, nor back out.

Need proof I'm not crazy? See the Forbes article or the Tea Party article.

Obama and the liberal left are selling America down the river. And no one is talking about it, because the liberal lamestream media does not want you to know.

Here's an idea - copy this, paste it into an email and send it to everyone you know. Ask them to contact their Congressmen and women and tell them VOTE NO on the LOST Treaty.


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