Monday, May 21, 2012

Impossibility - Trickle UP Economics

OK, OK! I find it disturbing that so many uninformed non-thinkers could p[ossibly still believe in trickle-up economics. It is IMPOSSIBLE for trickle-up economics to work. If anyone doubts this, consider...

Economics have to begin at one end of the cycle or the other - either the very top, or the very bottom. Now think who is at the very bottom - the abject poor. They HAVE NO MONEY, and therefore cannot trickle anything up.

But then the liberal nutjobs say, "Oh, but that is why we give them welfare, food stamps, Section 8 housing, fuel assistance, WIC etc. - and THAT is what they trickle up.

OK - but think for just one little moment - where did that "welfare money" come from? It comes from the income taxes that people at the top pay! It did not come from the poor, because they do not pay income taxes.

And that is exactly why the liberals keep screaming to "tax the rich" even more - to provide even MORE money for the poor to "trickle up". But they are not smart enough to understand that the ONLY reason it can trickle up at all is because it FIRST had to TRICKLE DOWN from taxes paid by the rich.

No, trickle-up cannot work because wealth cannot even enter into the cycle until it is first created. And the poor create no wealth. If the poor cannot produce or create wealth, it simply cannot trickle up. The money they get from welfare was not created by them - it was created by the rich and, through taxes on the rich, trickled down TO them. The ONLY reason they have welfare is because of trickle-DOWN economics.

Anyone who buys into the "trickle-up" theory of economics just does not have clue #1 as to how economies work.


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