Friday, May 4, 2012

Phony Crisis Of Chinese Dissident

I'm sure our State Department and the Obama administration will strut around having gotten the Chinese dissident, Chen,  a ride to America. But the entire crisis was likely as phony as a $3 bill.

Think about it - the guy is blind, but managed to sneak past his guards, swim across a river and gain entrance to the U.S. Embassy. Blind! Yes, a woman did help him, but it is still quite a feat. And the Chinese arrested the woman - then released her! How much of a crisis could it have been?

Then Secretary Clinton steps in, talks him into LEAVING the embassy and go to a hospital, where he is once again at the mercy of the Chinese government. Strangely, nothing happens. And the next thing we know, Chen is accepted for a fellowship in the U.S. and China gives him the green light, without much fuss!

Astounding - ***IF*** it were really a crisis.

But consider - the last thing China wants is for Romney to be president. They much prefer the groveling Obama, whom they can manipulate. So I think this "crisis" was artificially created in an effort to make a hero out of Obama for having "saved" a dissident who was never at risk in the first place.

Just sayin'...


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