Friday, May 25, 2012

The Latest Distortion of the Truth

Mitt Romney has been mildly slamming President Obama for his wild spending, claiming Obama has spent more taxpayer money, faster than any other president.

Yesterday President Obama fired back, claiming that government spending is as low as it has been in 60 years.

Here are the facts:

1) CURRENTLY, right now, this year, government spending IS lower than it has been in 60 years, running at about 1%

2) BUT, over the previous 2 years of the Obama administration, spending was HIGHER than ever before, running at about 10%.

So, technically President obama is correct in saying that spending IS (currently) at a low, but is distorting the truth by not including ALL the spending he has done during his term in office. If the spending for the last three years is taken into consideration, rather than a momentary snapshot, then Mitt Romney is correct - Obama HAS spent more, faster, than any other president.

For Mr. Obama to claim spending is down is kinda like Usama bin Laden at the moment the Navy Seals broke into his compound. Bin Laden could have correctly said, "Hey, guys, I'm not hurting anyone", because at that moment he was not hurting anyone.

Before you give any credence to anything a liberal says, please note that they play word games, and use words to distort the actual facts. Make sure you are hearing what they are really saying. When Obama says, "We are now spending less," he literally means NOW - this moment. And that distorts the truth and deceives the uninformed listener.


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