Thursday, May 17, 2012


America is suffering an economic fall not because capitalism has failed, but because of "victimology". When I was growing up, personal responsibility was not only the norm, but was required if you were to survive. Independence. Doing for oneself.

Then came the '60's and the radical movement of liberal progressives, capitalizing on "flower power", hippie communes and anti-war protests. And since then, many of those people are now in government.

Liberal progressives require victims. If there are no people who feel victimized, liberal progressives cannot convince them to protest things the way they are. And when there are not enough victims, they create victims, using ploys like welfare and other entitlements. They garner the votes of minorities, for example, by offering them food stamps, Section 8 housing, fuel assistance and other entitlements, telling the minorities that they DESERVE these things because they are VICTIMS. Little do most minorities realize the hard truth - that it is the liberals who made them victims by getting them addicted to handouts instead of having to earn anything on their own. There is no chance to get ahead and succeed to something greater while you are on welfare.

But the really sad thing is that liberal progressives actually see themselves as victims, as well. They do not hold themselves responsible for anything. For example, they refuse to accept responsibility for getting pregnant and blame those who would prevent abortions or birth control.

Here is a real-life example of how a liberal progressive thinks ---

I wrote over 30 books, and developed specialized software, all protected by copyrights and trademarks. A man in Colorado (imagine that!) who happens to be a liberal progressive decided to steal my works and sell them as his own, making a lot of money at my expense. He got away with it for 6 years. When he refused to stop, I had to spend over $25,000 suing him. He fought it every step, claiming he had a "right" to steal my works because he needed the money. The court, of course, found him guilty of infringing (14 counts) and ordered him to pay me a rather hefty sum.

Here it is 4 years later and he has not paid a dime. He refuses, claiming that he doesn't have to pay me because he is old and has medical problems. [NOTE: I, too, am old and have medical problems].

So now this progressive liberal is claiming to be a victim. According to him, I have victimized him by not letting him profit from my work, and I am victimizing him again by asking him to pay what he owes. Victimology.

He has even chosen to post such nonsense online, in the hopes that his rants, if made public, will somehow convince me to forget what he owes.

Not a chance. I will be filing a motion for Contempt of Court against this clown. Then as he sits in jail, he can tell the other cons that he, too, is a victim - just like them!

The point is this - America is fast becoming a nation of whiny, self-made victims who believe the world owes them a living. They believe they are entitled, because the liberals have convinced them that they are entitled because they are victims. Liberals do this so they can gain power - after all, who is going to bite the hand of the Democrats that feed them the welfare?

As for me, I believe my Dad was right. He said the world DOES owe me a living - but I have to work like Hell to collect it!


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