Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Finally Devolved Into A Moron?

Rev. Jesse Jackson stated on his blog that we should "Make Public Colleges Free for All Who Qualify".

I believe Rev. Jackson has finally devolved into a liberal moron. Literally hundreds of thousands of students would qualify each year. It costs community colleges thousands per student each year, just to operate. Therefore, the cost (to taxpayers, of course) would be in the hundreds of millions each year. Every year.

I have an idea - let's ask Reverend Jackson to pick up the tab. I sure as Hell can't afford to send kids to college every year!

These liberal/progressive/socialists want everything to be free. Yet none has offered any idea as to where the money would come from, because NOTHING is truly free. EVERYTHING must be paid for by someone.

I suggest that the liberals pay for all the things THEY want, and conservatives only pay for what THEY want.


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