Saturday, March 24, 2012

Who Woulda Guessed The Government Has A Sense Of Humor

My daughter received her tax refund yesterday, and inside with the check was an insert from INVESTOR.GOV, a website that purportedly is designed to help Americans invest wisely.


This from the same government that invested $2 billion in "green" companies that all went bankrupt. A government that LOST nearly $2 billion taxpayer dollars with their own very unwise investments.

In fact, the Energy Department and Obama were warned that Solyndra was going bankrupt and was a very risky business, yet they gave them over half a billion, anyway. And now every penny is gone.

Yep! The government thinks they are in a position to teach US how to invest wisely. I say the best investment we could make is to vote this November and replace all liberal and progressive politicians of either party with true conservatives. America has always done best under a conservative roof.


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