Friday, March 9, 2012

A New Low For Huffington Post

Just when I figured Huffington Post/AOL had reached the bottom of the sludge pit with their so-called "news" stories, they make me reconsider with the following headline:

"Terry England, Georgia Republican Lawmaker, Compares Women To Farm Animals"

The "story" comes from an attempt by Georgia to propose a bill that would prevent abortions after 20 weeks. During the debate on the floor, Mr . England recounted a story that a man had told him, and is quoted as follows:

""[The man] said, ‘Mr. Terry, I want to tell you something. You tell those folks down there when they quit killing babies, they can have every chicken I’ve got,'" England said."

Now, while I am a bit confused as to how his little story relates to the issue at hand, I am left scratching my head and trying really hard to see how anyone can say that Mr. England is comparing women to animals. He is not, and neither is the man who told him that.

But according to Huffington Post, it is cut and dried and a Republican compared women to animals. If you ask me, Huffington Post is run by farm animals - jackasses - and can legitimately be compared to Mein Kampf.

And upon reading the comments posted by HP subscribers, they appear to be about as bright as farm animals. Sorry if this insults farm animals.


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