Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Political Correctness Run Amok in NH

I guess even the old Yankee stronghold of New Hampshire would have to succumb to the stupidity of Political Correctness eventually and liberal foolishness. And today is the day.

Residents of a rural Mont Vernon New Hampshire will have a chance to vote Tuesday night on whether to rename a fishing and skating spot that's been called Jew Pond since the 1920s.

Mont Vernon town health officer Rich Masters pushed for the vote. "I, frankly, find it to be inappropriate, disrespectful to some people," he said, "and I feel it needs to be changed."

Well, Mr. Masters, that only goes to show that you are the bigoted one, since the first thing that comes to your little mind is something "offensive" in the word JEW. Do you also find the word CHRISTIAN offensive?

Maybe Mr. Masters needs a history lesson - there was a hotel at the man-made pond. In the 1920's the hotel was purchased by two Jewish businessmen. Hence, the pond was called "Jew Pond" in reference to the owners. (When I was a kid, a pond owned by the Gould family was called "Gould Pond" - it did not "offend" anyone).

There is nothing offensive about the word Jew, unless you happen to be an anti-semite. Not that Mr. Masters is an anti-semite, but he may want to rethink his outlook on certain things.


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