Sunday, March 4, 2012

Have California Liberals Doomed Their State?

It is no secret that the liberals of southern California have been running the state since the late 60's - and running it into the ground. And a recent survey shows that California is the "most hated state", nationally.

In fact, liberal politicians have wreaked so much havoc on the state that it may never recuperate.

204 California companies in 2010 either expanded in other states or moved out completely - four times the number in 2009. And in a recent survey by Hankin & Co., a Los Angeles consulting firm, 10 percent of the 90 Southern California companies responding said they "definitely" plan to move some or all operations from California within a year, and an additional 13 percent said they would "probably" do so.

And Silicon Valley and the San Francisco areas report similar stats. Richard Pimentel, managing partner in the accounting firm of BDO Seidman in San Francisco, says: "Any expansion by my clients is being done outside California. It just costs too much money to do business here."

So, what really gives? Excessive taxes on businesses are driving some out, while excessive regulations are causing others to leave the state. And excessive benefits for public union employees, and even residents. And all these businesses leaving, taking the jobs with them, has resulted in 200,000 residents to exodus the state each year.

And that means businesses, jobs, business taxes and even personal taxes are drying up, leaving the state bankrupt.

Factors that developed in recent years finally combined to provoke more than one company to move to Nevada. For one thing, crime got worse in California. And Nevada's business costs looked far preferable to California 's. Health-insurance premiums, which run to $8,000 per employee per year in California, will drop by half in Nevada, and workers' compensation insurance will be two-thirds of the $12,000 companies pay in many California communities.

What's more, Nevada doesn't tax income of individuals or businesses.

1,000 California firms responding to a survey by Kemper National Insurance Companies reported that they had laid off or decided against hiring a total of 10,000 workers because of workers' compensation costs. The companies cited fraud as the principal cause of that work-force reduction, an average of 10 jobs per company.

And now for the bad news...

Because of its size, California holds 11% of all seats in the Congressional House of Representatives - which explains why Congress has been so dysfunctional. And nearly 20% of all ELECTORAL COLLEGE votes are in California, so the state that is the very foundation of whacky liberalism can easily choose our president.

And there you have it, folks. There is little chance of cleaning up Washington and putting us back on firm footing unless we can either come together to outweigh the influence of California, or California finally comes out of their weed-induced fog and realizesthat liberalism is destroying them, and they move to another direction.

The latter is unlikely. So I would suggest the other 45 states, for their own survival, should come together and elect conservatives.

Yes, I said 45 states, because California, though the worst, is not the only bastion of liberalism. There is also New York, Massachusetts, Connecticut and Vermont. Together with California, those 5 states can run the entire country.

And that would be VERY bad for America...


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