Wednesday, March 14, 2012

The Fallacy Of Voter I.D. As "Disenfranchising"

Eric Holder, the head of the Department of Injustice has blocked the Texas "Voter I.D." law, stating it disenfrasnchises the poor, hispanics, African-Americans. But if the truth be known, Eric Holder and other liberals simply oppose integrity in the voting process, and the following is proof.

We all know that you need I.D. to get married. So, the only potential people to be disenfranchised are single people - roughly 99 million.

Of those, 51.6 million are educated with at least a high school diploma, so they likely enjoy at least a modicum of success. Which means they must have I.D. So, that leaves 9.1 million possibilities.

Of those, 88% have a driver's license, leaving 1.9 million

Of those, 75% drink alcohol at least once in awhile, which requires I.D. That leaves 273,000

Of those, 4.8% smoke but do not drink - also requires I.D. That leaves 259,896.

Of those, 94% have a bank account, requiring I.D. That leaves 15,593.

One in every 7 people collect some form of government assistance which requires I.D. leaving 13,365

If you subtract any of those who have flown, seen an "R" rated movie, purchased Sudafed or got a library card, the number of people that may not have photo I.D. drops to around 10,000 or less. In a country of 300 million, that's only one person in every 30,000. And, whereas only 52% of the population votes at all, that means only 1 person in every 60,000 COULD be without proper I.D.

What's more, there are roughly 9.8 million legal adults in Texas, so roughly 163 Texas adults COULD be without proper I.D.

And every one of them has access to free I.D. if they want it. So, there are none who are "disenfranchised".

But Holder and other liberals do not care that their argument is absurdly bogus. All they care about is allowing illegals and dead people to vote - often.


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