Thursday, March 1, 2012

It's Time To Put Bank of America Out Of Business

It seems every day Bank of America comes up with a new way to rob us of our hard earned money. They wanted to increase fees, but were forced to back off. They rip off welfare people who use their welfare debit cards. They will this year rip off people in some states that get their state refunds in a debit card. And now they are saying customers MUST bank online, buy more stuff and maintain higher balances or face monthly fees of up to $25.

In other words, this rotten bank is telling customers they must either go further into debt or else, and they must risk their financial information with hackers by banking online, or else.

Since when should ANY bank give an "or else" ultimatum? Banks go out of business if not for their customers, so it is the CUSTOMER who has the power to say "or else."  Bank of America needs its customers, but its customers do not need Bank of America - there are many other banks.

I said it in 1964, and I have said it ever since - banks are dangerous to your wealth. And Bank of America is the worst of all banks.

It's time every American who uses BofA finds a new bank. Frankly, I prefer a credit union.


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