Saturday, March 10, 2012

HuffPost Headline: Christie Called a Navy SEAL an 'Idiot'

Huffington Post/AOL is making a big deal that Governor Christie of NJ called a Navy SEAL an idiot. So here is what their story DOES NOT tell you (who says HuffPost would ever deceive):

The SEAL was heckling the governor, and kept trying to talk over him during his talk with voters. The SEAL refused to stop his heckling, and was escorted out by police. And the crowd CHEERED Governor Christie for his handling of the escapade, so apparently the folks believe Christie was correct - just because a guy is a SEAL does not mean he cannot be an idiot.

Come to find out, this "SEAL" heckler is a career heckler, who has been known to "stalk" Republican political candidates.

Still, one must wonder why Huffington Post/AOL would purposely conceal these facts. Actually, no - we do not wonder about that at all. I'm just being sarcastic. We all know why HuffPost would slant a story.

And, yes, if a president can be a progressive socialist, then a SEAL can certainly be an idiot.


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