Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Do You Recall What They Said In 2002?

I recently heard Democrats reciting the tired old mantra that there is no point in opening up new drilling for oil because "it would take 10 years before we get the oil."

I remember 2002 like it was yesterday. Republicans wanted to drill in ANWR, but Democrats said there was no point because "it would take 10 years before we get that oil" to market.

Imagine, if the Democrats had not gotten in the way in 2002 using that stupid excuse, we would have that oil today. And now they use that same lame excuse, which means in 10 years we STILL won't have that oil.

That excuse is so dumb on every level. It's like saying you are not going to contribute to your 401K because it will be years before you can spend it.

If Eisenhower had said that about the years it would take to build the highway system, we'd still be taking forever to get anywhere. Or if Roosevelt had used that excuse to not spend years building the Panama canal.

C'mon, liberals - if you want to prevent drilling, at least come up with a sane, plausible excuse instead of the lame "we won't get it today.".

By the way, if we block the EPA's ability to misuse its power, it would not take 10 years. We could have that oil in three.


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