Monday, March 12, 2012

Where Would It Stop? Let's Follow The Thinking...

I was watching a liberal female attorney named Brandt on TV, trying to convince Laura Ingraham that Republicans are, indeed, waging a war on women. According to her, contraception (which, by the way, was never even the issue) should be free to all, simply because it is a "health issue" - women NEED it, and cannot always AFFORD it. Therefore, it should be FREE to all.

So, let's follow that line a bit...

Shelter is a health issue - without it, we can die of exposure. Therefore, it should be free to all. And food - Lord knows we would perish without it (we would not perish without contraceptives). Therefore, food should be free to all. And let's not forget warm clothing, necessary to keep us from exposure. And heating fuel - we would freeze to death without it. And then there's gasoline - without gas we cannot get to work to buy the things we need, or get to the doctor's office. So, gasoline should be free to all.

All of the above are necessary for life. Contraception is not. Yet liberals try to claim contraceptives should be free to all because they are a "health issue" (they are not), that they are necessary (they are not) and some people cannot afford them (contraceptives are free in almost every community already).

As for the so-called "war on women", Brandt said that all republicans are waging war on women, as evidenced by a single remark by Rush Limbaugh. And that equals a war on women. Hm-m-m. But then I have to ask, if one derogatory comment by a radio host indicates a war on women, then what about Bill Maher using worse slurs for Sarah Palin, and Jerry Brown calling Meg Whitman a whore,  and Laura Ingraham called the same by another Democrat? In fact, I can cite over 90 examples of powerful Democrats who have badly slandered women. So, why does THAT not constitute a "war on women" by Democrats?

There is no war on women by Republicans, but there certainly appears to be a war on conservative women by Democrats.

Meanwhile, the sense of entitlement by people like Brandt, or Fluke, only goes to show what this bogus "war on women" is really all about - it's about liberals who want more entitlements, more free stuff, and to blame "hateful Republicans" who want to get in the way. In fact, Brandt even suggested that Day Care should be free. There is no end to the entitlements they will go after.

The problem lies in two pesky little facts - 1) we cannot afford it, and 2) nothing is ever free. Someone, somewhere is paying. Liberals and conservatives both believe in "give and take". Conservatives believe we should all give so we can all take as needed, while liberals believe conservatives should give and liberals should take.


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