Wednesday, March 21, 2012

I've Said It Before - GOOGLE Is Our Biggest Threat

When I first blogged that Google was the most serious threat to the American way of life, most people scoffed. But as time wore on and Google got caught many times, fewer people are scoffing.

It seemed innocuous at first - little things, like breaching privacy in small ways. And censoring certain sites. They they moved to eliminate sites that they did not like, or thought were not in the best interests of Google. Recently, they changed their privacy policy so that now all your information is at risk, and being used however Google sees fit. They collect every little scrap of info they can. In fact, it recently came out that Google, while roaming the country taking pictures for Google Earth Street View, they were also tapping in (illegally) to every WiFi within reach, and collecting personal info - including passwords, banking info and emails.

And now Google, in an effort to grow even richer and more powerful has begun attacking blogs that businesses use for Search Engine Optimization, to help get their sites listed. By attacking these blogs and taking away the rankings of businesses, they figure they can force businesses to PAY for their listings via Pay Per Click. In fact, I am no longer allowed to even Tweet my blog as I had always done - being a Google product, it appears they are blocking it from being Tweeted. More censorship.

It is no secret that GOOGLE is run by socialist progressive liberals. They even admitted to fomenting the Egyptian Uprising, resulting in an anti-American regime that wants to also destroy Israel. And everyone knows that progressive liberals yearn to control every aspect of everyone else's lives, from cradle to grave. And Google is intent on doing just that.

Mark my words, as time goes on GOOGLE will abuse its power to control you even more. It will use its power to strip away choices, such as what you eat, or who you should vote for.

A very old saying (it got old because it is so true) says, "Power corrupts. And absolute power corrupts absolutely." And Google has great power - greater even than the President of the United States.

Google is not only corrupt, but a dangerous threat to everything Americans have valued for 250 years - our freedoms, and our Constitution. Google, friend of George Soros, strives to do away with both.

There is another old saying - he who controls the information controls the world.


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