Tuesday, March 27, 2012

They Make The Most Absurd Claims

According to a HuffPost "story", a study by the liberals at University of Michigan "analyzed the careers of 4,300 women which shows that the earlier a woman can start taking birth control pills, the more likely she is to earn higher wages later in life."

How absurd! The two cannot podssibly be connected because employers have no way of knowing if female employees are using birth control. And everyone (except liberals trying to push an agenda) knows that there has never been any restricted access to birth control since the first pill was prescribed. No, it wasn't free, but it wasn't hard to get, either.

For anyone to assume, without any supporting facts, that an increase of pay for women is associated not with employers finding value in female employees, but rather because birth control is "more accessible" (it is not) is nothing short of a transparent, dishonest attempt to twist the facts to support their liberal agenda,

That's like saying an increase in gay marriages has led to more people being gay.



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