Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The story that is disappearing from the internet...

This is very strange - all the big news agencies posted a story, and in record time, they all began yanking it down, making the story disappear. Strange indeed. As far as I can tell, it can only be found in one place - http://www.theblaze.com/ (which took screenshots) and the only references to it are here and at Glenn Beck's site.

First, the story behind the story. Obama's State Department issued a formal warning against any American traveling to Mexico. Too dangerous. Stay away from Mexico.

Now the "almost a" story. Obama sends his 13 YEAR OLD DAUGHTER to Mexico on spring break, along with 25 Secret Service on the taxpayer's dime. Frankly, I think any parent who would send a 13 year old to Mexico has got to be nuts. And any parent who allows a 13  year old to go on ANY Spring Break is also nuts. But imagine, if you will, if a drug cartel member were to get their hands on the President's daughter. The cartels outnumber and outgun 25 Secret Service.

And now for the REAL story - as soon as this story was reported, someone in a position of great power appears to have squelched it. Who could force the largest news agencies in the world to pull a story?

The Blaze was quick enough to take screen shots of the URL leading to the story - both before, and after. And it is truly amazing. The very same URL that went to the story now go to unrelated stories, or a "page not found". Check them out at http://www.theblaze.com/stories/why-is-the-story-about-malia-obama-vacationing-in-mexico-disappearing-from-the-web/

Frankly, this is confusing. Why the huge fuss? It's not like Malia going to Mexico is a national security issue, is it? Or is it?

Whatever the reason for the disappearing story, it should cause concern for us all, knowing that the "free press" is no longer free, and has been co-opted by a power as yet unseen.


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