Sunday, March 18, 2012

We've Lost In Afghanistan, And They Will Be An Enemy

We have already lost in Afghanistan - we lost the day President Obama set a date to pull out. And that is not just rhetoric.

Afghan President Karzai is not popular with half the population of Afghanistan - the only thing that keeps his own people from stringing him up on a lamppost is the presence of our troops. So, the minute we announced a date to leave, Karzaihad only one choice if he wants to live - he had to become anti-American, endearing himself to the rabble he leads.

Since the announcement of our "leave date", Karzai has looked for any and every opportunity to "become" unfriendly to the U.S. It is the only way he can survive when we pull out.

In short terms, it means everything we have done - all the treasure and blood spent in Afganistan - was all for naught. We lost. And not only did we lose, but we made matters worse by turning Afghanistan against us.

And we only have one person to blame - and it ain't Karzai!


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