Monday, October 24, 2011

Washington Post Finds "Last Man Standing" Dumb Because Tim Allen Acts Like A MAN...

The Washington Post did a hit piece on Tim Allen's new sitcom, "Last Man Standing." They paint him as homophobic, xenophobic and every other kind of phobic simply because he is portrayed as a man, and not the typical wussified moron that liberals like to see featured on TV and film.

That tells you more about the Washington Post and liberal ideals than it does about "Last Man Standing."

I also found it rather enlightening that they closed the COMMENTS section after only 11 comments were posted. I guess they did not appreciate that MOSTY of America still thinks a man should be a man. That we need more "John Wayne" types and far fewer "Yes, Dear" types that carry handbags and act more effeminate than Mae West.

I don't know if Tim's show is any good or not. But I do know that men should be men, and need not apologize for it to a bunch of wussie liberals.


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