Friday, October 14, 2011

George Stephanopolis suggested the "Occupy Wall Street" mob is "the liberal version of the Tea Party".

I fully and whole-heartedly agree!

The Tea Party is neat and clean, friendly, do not break the laws of this nation and are focused on simple American principles of small government, low taxes and person liberty.

The Occupy Wall Streeter's are filthy, leave a mess wherever they go, break laws, infringe the rights of others and are not focused on anything except a desire to bring down capitalism because losers do not fare well under capitalism. Go figure.

Yeah, George, they ARE the "liberal version of the Tea Party". That's just who the liberals are.

Or did you not see the protester who dropped his pants and defacated on a police car? Or the 27 tons of trash and garbage strewn all over? Or did you forget about all the arrests?

Frankly, if I were a liberal (but for the grace of God) I would in no way want to EVER be associated with such a mob of useless anarchists and socialists. But go ahead, Georgie - tell the world that "filthy, law breaking anarchists" are who the liberals are, while conservative Tea Partiers are clean, organized and law-abiding.


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