Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Here's The REAL Issue With The "Occupy Wall Street" Mob...

I've been listening to dozens of interviews of folks in the OWS crowd, and there seems to be a recurring theme. But rather than just state it, let's look at their "issue" in practice...

These "useful idiots", as Soros calls them, give their money to Apple and Microsoft for all the great new toys those companies create and sell. These people WANT those toys. They want them badly enough to pay the bucks to people like Steve Jobs and Bill Gates.

Jobs and Gates get rich this way - because the people WILLINGLY traded their money for the toys. But now that their money is gone, and they are broke, they see Bill Gates wallowing in money and decide he should give their money back.

So, here it is - they want all the great things produced by capitalism, but once they have blown all their money they want the money back. In other words, they want EVERYTHING for free. Freeloaders.

Here's an idea for the OWS morons --- if you think the wealthy have too much money, DON'T GIVE THEM ANY MORE. STOP buying the iPads, Iphones, Blackberries and computers. Stop using Facebook and Twitter, making them rich. Stop buying the cars, making Ford wealthy.

The rich are not rich because they screwed you. They are rich because they produced something YOU WANTED, and YOU WILLINGLY TRADED YOUR DOLLARS FOR.

Sure, there are corrupt people. And there are those who get rich without providing anything of value. But 98% of the wealthy people got that way honestly. Bill Gates did not cheat you. Steve Jobs did not screw you over. And Ford did not pick your pocket, or mug you.

If you really believe that the rich have too much of the wealth, then YOU stop giving them yours. Stop eating in restaurants. Stop going to the movies. Don't buy any more "toys".

But as long as you have a cellphone glued to your ear, and an iPad in your pack, and you drink latte at Starbucks, I don't want to hear how you feel "cheated" by the wealthy.

The ONLY real difference between the OWS bunch and the wealthy is this --- the wealthy want money. The OWS crowd wants "things". And the OWS crowd trades their money for the things offered by the wealthy.

And this difference --- the wealthy are content with the money. The OWS mob are not content with just having the "stuff" - they want the money, too.

As far as I am concerned, OWS does not stand for Occupy Wall Street. It stands for Outrageous, Worthless Slobs.


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