Sunday, October 9, 2011

Comparing OWS with the Tea Party - There is NO comparison...

Democrats compare the OCCUPY WALL STREET (OWS) protesters with the Tea Party (TP). Let's REALLY compare, based on known facts:

TP - focused on a single premise - less government, lower taxes, more liberty for people
OWS - every protester has a different gripe and reason for protesting

TP - most are employed, majority college educated
OWS - mostly unemployed, few college educated

TP - quiet, polite
OWS - Noisy, unruly

TP - peaceful, light-hearted protests
OWS - angry

TP - clean, orderly, never leave a mess. They leave the place cleaner than it was
OWS - always leave a huge mess, disorderly. Parks have been closed due to the mess they leave

TP - non-violent, no arrests
OWS - violent, numerous arrests. Have stormed bridges, the Air & Space Museum, blocked roads etc

TP - no "special interest" funding
OWS - some funding by George Soros and labor unions

I could go on, of course. But any sane person (I guess this excludes Pelosi and other supporters) can easily see that there is NO comparison between the two groups. One is a peaceful protest. The other is an unruly, disorganized mob.

There is one thing the two groups have in common - both are dissatisfied with the way our government runs things, and believe government is out of control. The big difference there is that the TP believes there is too much government that is too costly, and the OWS believes there is not enough government and cost ids no object.

Of course, the reason they feel cost is no object is because the OWS group aren't paying the tab. It's easy to choose the most expensive stuff on the menu when you aren't the one paying the bill. Most pay zero taxes, which is precisely why they want the "wealthy" to pay more taxes.

The OWS bunch can be compared to another protest group, however, with alarming similarities - they are nearly identical to the radical, unruly, violent mobs of the "Arab Spring". And near as I can tell, none of those have turned out well - they are simply "useful idiots" that allow a different group of tyrants to take charge. Exchanging the enemy you know for an enemy you do not know.


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