Friday, October 21, 2011

HuffPost Had To Stoop REAL Low For This One...

Huffington Post/AOL ran a story today that obviously has only one point - to try and make people think less of all Republicans because of what one does.

It seems a Republican New Jersey man named Myers is accused (not proved) of paying for sex with a male escort. Now, it is not enough that it is only an accusation. But it appears Myers at one time ran for a Congressional seat. But he lost.

So, what we have is a Republican who was never a Congressman and who is accused of some sexual event that is not even illegal. In fact, it is a non-story. The only reason HuffPost runs it on page one (as if it had significance) is because the guy happens to be a Republican so they can run a headline that says "GOP CONGRESSIONAL CANDIDATE ACCUSED...".

Of course, they usually ignore REAL stories of Democrat politicians (who actually succeeded in getting into office) who commit far worse transgressions. They don't even run stories on "Fast & Furious" investigations, for example, or that Obama gave another half billion to an electric car company that immediately took the money and moved to Finland. Now Finland has a lot of new jobs, paid for with YOUR tax dollars. That, on top of the Solyndra scandal of another half-billion.

But I digress. I find it newsworthy that HuffPost/AOL is anything but a source of legitimate news.


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