Friday, October 7, 2011

Pelosi Continues To Amuse...

In reference to the socialist protests  called "Occupy Wall Street", Nancy Pelosi said that they were "spontaneous and focused..."

Excuse me for pointing this out, Ms Pelosi, but it's not spontaneous if they plan it months in advance - these lazy troublemakers started advertising this months ago. As for "focused", several investigative reporters interviewed over 200 of the protesters, and asking them what they were protesting. For the first three weeks, there were over 200 different responses to that question. It was not until the unions got involved this week that anything began to come into "focus."

But then, we're talking about Ms Pelosi here. And that means the spin never stops, and usually spins out of control. In any case, she is always good for a laugh.

Yes, I said "lazy troublemakers". When asked if they had jobs, they said "no" (one, in fact, had QUIT his job to attend), and when asked if they would ACCEPT a job, they said "no". So, they are lazy, and only want to take away from those who are not, and live on the public teat. As for being "troublemakers" --- the Tea Party has had hundreds of gatherings without a single arrest. But these socialists have had over 200 arrests already, with more to come, I'm sure. They have attempted to close off a major bridge and major roads in an attempt to hurt the city and the innocent people in it - closing off the G.W Bridge does not hurt the "Wall Street Capitalists" - it hurts everyone trying to get to and from work.

Yes, lazy troublemakers..


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