Sunday, October 16, 2011

Principal Bans Holidays...

A liberal elementary school principal in Massachusetts has taken it upon herself to ban the fall holidays - Halloween, Columbus Day and Thanksgiving - because she says those hoklidays could offend some people.

This represents two of the major problems with liberals:

1) They have a need to Lord it over others, and control them and
2) They believe anything that could offend some person should be banned (PC run amok)

Well, to this principal I say this --- YOU offend ME, so I believe YOU should be banned.

Look, folks, everything on this planet could offend someone. That does not give ANYONE a right to "ban" something. For example, liberals tend to offend me. The ACLU offends me. Bankers offend me. The Occupy Wall Street mobs offend me. Does that mean they should be banned? Of course not (though the thought does intrigue me).

It is time for the "nanny state, I know best" liberals to get off their high horses and stop trying to control everyone else, and stop trying to force them to comply with the liberal view of the world. They do NOT know best, and most folks do not want nor need to be controlled by a bunch of self-righteous, arrogant asses like that principal.


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