Saturday, October 8, 2011

Anti-American Jerry Brown of California Strikes Again...

On Saturday, Governor Jerry Brown signed AB 131, the second bill of the two-part California Dream Act, allowing undocumented immigrant students to apply for state-funded financial aid for college.

First, they are not "undocumented immigrants" - they are illegal immigrants, by law. Federal law. But now, thanks to the socialist Jerry Brown, who has no use for the Constitution and no love for America is burdening taxpayers with funding college for people who aren't even legally allowed to be here. Taxpayer funds. YOUR kid can't get into UCLA because some illegal immigrant is getting paid to take that spot in the classroom.

So now we have a state that makes it a POINT to bring more illegals in over the border - INVITES them, and then PAYS them to be here. Of course, California is already bankrupt because they give way too much to far too many, but Hell, that does not stop Brown from squeezing the taxpayer even more. It matters not how much you hurt and punish honest citizens with a birthright to be here, as long as you coddle lawbreakers who have no right at all to be here.

Look, I am not "mean" because I want to "deprive" hapless Mexicans who have no resprect for our laws. I am sympathetic to the fact that Mexico cannot provide what we provide. I understand the humanity angle. But not at the expense of those of us who BELONG here.

A college can hold just so many students. Every illegal who takes up a space is depriving an American student from using those educational resources. And every dollar we give to illegals is another dollar we have to take away from some American working stiff trying to get by.

Liberals and socialists like Jerry Brown don't care about how Americans are affected, or what it costs us. They only care about some warped sense of "social justice" that is anti-American and anti-Christian at its core.

It is the government's role to protect our equal rights. It is not the role of government to provide equal things. Things must be earned, by following the rules (and laws), and earning them by the sweat of your brow.

If ANYONE should get a free ride, it certainly is not those who don't even belong here. Only when every American child has the best education should we then open up any "extra" space in the classrooms to others. But as long as even ONE American child cannot afford college, I don't want to see any illegal immigrant taking up space in the classrooms at taxpayer expense. Why should an illegal immigrant prosper at the expense of an American?


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