Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Another Activist Judge Goes Rogue, Accepts Sharia Law Over Constitution...

In Florida, a judge has decided it is OK to use Sharia Law rather than Constitutional law when dealing with Muslims in America.

Um - NO!

Every judge is required, upon accepting office, to swear to uphold the Constitution and the laws of this land.  And every citizen is required to abide by those laws. As long as those muslims are living in America, they are subject to AMERICAN law, derived from the Constitution of the United States.

Moreover, there is a specific Amendment in the Constitution that states all people will be treated equally under the law. That means the use of Sharia Law in any American court is illegal and unconstitutional - you cannot use one law for John and other for Muhammad and yet another for Jose. Remember - Sharia Law makes it legal to murder someone - even your own child - for violating certain laws of Sharia. Even in America some muslims have committed murder under "honor killing". Should we use Sharia law for them, and set them free? Not!

I say it over and over - whenever any judge chooses to ignore, or thwart the Constitution they are violating their sworn oath of office, and should therefore immediately and without recourse be forced to resign their office. No exceptions.


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