Thursday, October 13, 2011

Was There A More Insidious Reason Behind "Fast & Furious"?

Everyone knows about "Fast & Furious" (except, aparrently, Eric Holder, whose job it was to know about it). And everyone has been told it was an attempt to "trace" how guns get to cartels, and bust everyone involved. And it did not work because SURVEILLANCE WAS CUT OFF.

And that last statement is crucial - WHY was it cut off?

Let's take a look at my whacky theory on all of this.

Many of the top officials in the DOJ were appointed by Obama and all have professed a desire for stricter gun controls in the U.S. I strongly suspect these officials had a deeper purpose behind " Fast & Furious". I suspect surveillance was cut off for the express purpose of letting all those guns "walk". It is a given that the guns would end up in Mexico, in crimal hands, and used in crimes. The guns would then be traced back to the U.S. and great pressure would be put on the U.S. to pass and enforce stricter guns laws. And We, The People< would thereby be duped into accepting it simply because our "lax" gun laws have created an international incident and are contributing to all the murders by cartels in Mexico. The Obama administration, supported by Mexican officials would blame America for all the violence on the border. And gun control would be the result.

But let's take it one step further...

Holder told us the other day that they busted a bunch who intended to hire a Mexican drug cartel dude to assassinate the Saudi ambassador. The DOJ had been aware of this plot "for months" while they "investigated". Apparently, this plot was hatched at the same time that the guns were allowed to walk. And as soon as Holder gets a subpoena over Fast & Furious, the DOJ suddenly arrests those would-be assassins.

Now I am not normally a conspiracy theorist, but this just sounds too convenient. What if the anti-gun DOJ officials - headed by Holder - had helped create the Saudi assassination plot along with Fast & Furious? What if the intent was for the assassins to use weapons from Fast & Furious?

What I can tell you for certain is, if that had happened, we could kiss the Second Amendment good-bye once and for all. American citizens would no longer be able to own guns. American guns, bought from American dealers by Americans were provided to Mexican cartel criminals who used those guns to kill a Saudi ambassador on our soil. Talk about an international incident.

Here's an idea - if you have not yet red "The Overton Window" by Glenn Beck, you may want to do so. While it is fiction (and incredibly good fiction, a real thriller), it is almost prophetic - this "Fast & Furious" deal, along with the assassination plot is nothing short of Deja Vu.


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