Sunday, October 16, 2011

On Marriage - Is The Pool Of "Good Men" Shrinking? Here Are Some Facts...

Early this morning I caught an interview with an author who says that fewer women are chosing marriage because the pool of  "Good Men" is shrinking. And I got to thinking about why that is.

Here are some of my thoughts on "why".

Since the 1960's, our society has been in full assault mode on masculinity. And I'm not just talking about Gloria Steinem and her feminist movement. Although a factor, it goes much deeper.

Our society has actively sought to make men more effeminate. We took away their cowboy toys and gave them dolls, to be "gender neutral". We stopped them from "dangerous" physical games at school, such as "King of the Hill", in order to "protect" them. Many do not realize that such games teach boys to become men.

We told kids that it was OK for men to carry a handbag (erroneously called a "man bag"). We taught them to cry, to whine, and to "be in touch with their feelings and feminine side".

I do not have a feminine side. I do not carry a bag - not even a fanny pack. And I have not cried since I was 6. I still play with guns, and I still play "King of the Hill" in the working world.

We as a society have cultivated and embraced  the whiny Chris Matthews' type, the wimpy effeminate types, the loser welfare types who forever have their hand out, and even gays. Yes, gays. Many of our children are actually being taught to be gay. I have seen it first-hand in the local school. If I were a woman, I would not want any of those morons, either.

John Wayne never had a problem attracting women. Nor Jimmy Stewart, nor John F Kennedy. Real men have no problem catching the eye of the gentler sex. But when men become the gentler sex, don't expect women to fall all over themselves trying to latch onto one.

We need to reboot. Let kids rough-house and play hard. Get them away from the gadgets and out into the world, to play in the dirt. Stop giving them dolls and man-bags. Teach them that it's good to be strong, tough, resilient. Teach boys to become men, and girls to become women. But this stupid "unisex" thing is wrong. We were NOT born "gender neutral", and nature abhors it.


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