Wednesday, December 7, 2011

The Way Romney Spins, You'd Think He Was A Liberal. Examples...

I always suspected Mitt Romney was a liberal in disguise, having come from being governor of the bluest state. And now that he is resorting to spinning the truth out of shape just like liberals do, his colors are showing. Here are just two of the latest examples...

Newt Gingrich says he wants to find a way to legalize - without citizenship - those illegals who have been here a long, long time, have raised their families here and have been good neighbors. That represents maybe one million folks. But today Romney stated that Gingrich "wants to legalize all 11 million illegals." And that is obviously a blatant lie - er, spin.

Newt also stated clearly that he thought some teens from poorer families might benefit from being given jobs as school janitors, to develop a work ethic, and earn them some money. I, myself, was assistant school janitor when I was 14 and it helped pay my way into college.

But Romney stated that Gingrich "wants to violate child labor laws." Again, liberal spinmeister crap. It is perfectly legal for young teens to work, provided they have permission (work papers) to insure it will not interfere with family or school. Romney purposely - and deceitfully - wants people to think Gingrich wants to force child labor of little children.

Here is the summary, folks, as I see it --- if a candidate has to spin, or be deceitful in order to earn votes, that candidate should not be getting any votes at all - and certainly will not get mine. I'm tired of having a liar in the White House.


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