Tuesday, December 13, 2011

A Fan Of Ann Coulter's Books - But This Time She Is WAY Off...

Anne Coulter, often referred to as a far-right bomb-thrower, writes some of the funniest, yet pointed political books on the market. I gotta read every one. But lately she has been deluded.

Earlier this year, she raved about Chris Christie and sorely wanted him as the Republican candidate for President. She loves his candor and tough style - so do I. But she seemed to overlook that Christie is not all that conservative - and Coulter is very much so. She was blinded by his nerve and verve.

When Christie declined, Coulter is now strongly supporting Mitt Romney - yet another phony conservative. She says he's perfect because he is easily electable, as he was elected governor in the bluest state. But what she fails to understand is just how and why he was able to win in a blue state - he simply is not very conservative. He's democrat lite. HINT: A conservative cannot win as dogcatcher in Massachusetts.

Coulter is a strong conservative, but it appears she is easily fooled by charisma. Either that, or like establishment GOP in Washington (and the pundits) she has fallen victim to the belief that in order to win, republicans need to be "moderate".

And that is bull. McCain was moderate, and he lost badly. Reagan was not moderate and he won in a 49 state landslide. No, we do not need to run another Democrat-Lite, moderate RiNO. We need to run a true conservative - and no one who was ever governor of a very blue state (like Christie and Romney) can ever lay claim to being conservative.

Ann, I love ya, but you have been duped.


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