Saturday, December 31, 2011

Here's How To Tell Good People From The Bad...

In today's world it is not always easy to know who the good people are, and who to shun. But there is one simple rule of thumb that never fails...

A good person wakes up and wonders how many people they can assist today, and by how much. A bad person awakens and their first thought is "How many people can I make miserable today?"

Look around. Watch people. You will easily spot those who make it their life's work to bring misery to people. And it is just as easy to spot those who are kind and helpful.

When OWS protesters shout down legitimate speech by others. When someone spams you, or telemarkets you at dinner time. When the people at the Motor Vehicle Department give you the run-around. When a lawyer screws over an innocent person by using a technicality to subvert justice. Or the judge who ignores his oath of office to uphold the Constitution and decides instead he would rather push his personal agenda.

Unfotunately, it appears there are more people who work at making others miserable than there are those who make life more pleasant for others. In our society, evil is winning.


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