Monday, December 26, 2011

I Am Looking For A Very Special American (details here...)

I am currently searching for a very special American citizen. If you are this person, or know of such a person, please leave a comment, below.

The person I am searching for, first and foremost, must be a legal American citizen. In addition, they must NOT do any of the following, ever, at any time. If you do even one of these things, you are disqualified:

1) Cash a check at a bank
2) Use a check at a store
2) Buy alcoholics beverages
3) Buy cigarettes
4) Drive a motor vehicle
5) Fly on an airline
6) Collect any form of public assistance, i.e. food stamps, fuel assistance, WIC, Section 8 etc.
7) Get a passport
8) Purchase a firearm
9) Get a marriage license

Now, if you never have done any of the above and never will, please let me know, because you are the elusive "disenfranchised voter" Eric Holder and his moronic liberal friends keep saying are being discriminated against by VOTER ID laws. Personally, I have never known such a person. Even when I was living among the homeless people of Manchester, NH, I noticed even they had photo ID - it was necessary for collecting the food stamps they would sell in order to buy alcohol - which they ALSO needed photo ID for.

If you know of any legal citizen who would LIKE to vote but cannot because they are unable to procure a photo ID, let me know and I will pay for them getting such an ID.


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