Friday, December 2, 2011

Do We REALLY Need A Businessman As President? Think about this...

Mitt Romney, and most pundits, claim that Romney is the best GOP candidate because he is a businessman, and therefore knows how to create the jobs we need. But I have just one question...

How does a President, who does not have the authoritarian position of a CEO, go about creating jobs?

Look, businesses already know how to create jobs, and if the government will get out of their way, they will create all the jobs we need. We do not need a businessman President for that. What we need in a President is someone who knows enough about the lawmaking body to be able to direct Congress in getting out of the way of business.

No, we do not need a businessman in the Oval Office. We need a true conservative (which Romney is not) who will work with Congress to remove the government as an obstacle to businessmen who can and would create jobs.

Having looked over all the candidates carefully, only two stand out as persons who would reduce government interference - and knows HOW to do that - Gingrich and Santorum. Of the two, I believe only one has the legislative power and strength to succeed - Gingrich.

No, I do not like Newt's "smarter-than-thou" attitude. But I can put up with attitude if he will do what needs to be done! Besides, it is that very attitude that would benefit America in foreign affairs.


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Ben A. said...

I agree completely with your view of Romney, the fact that we do not need a businessman as president, and your reasoning behind that. I also agree that we need someone who understands the constitution and the process of lawmaking, which I think is the point. We need to restore the basic principles of the very system that America was founded on.

I think that Ron Paul is actually the best candidate in regard to this. He practices the principles he stands for and has both a logical and philosophical basis for his stances. He is also the only candidate who has an actual economic plan and not just a rhetorical one. Some people say his economic plan is unrealistic, but the way I see it is he's been a realist for thirty years and no one has listened to him or the others in congress who warned about a debt crisis. Consequently we're $15 trillion in debt. I'd say he has quite a keen sense of reality. By-the-way in his plan he would take $39,000 salary as president, which is the median income of the middle class and $400,000 less than the last two presidents. He voted for cuts in congressional pay while he was in congress, and gave back large portions of his own congressional allowance. The economic crisis involves more than an economic plan, however, and requires a restoration of the American governmental system and involves all the issues comprehensively really. We need someone who has more than words. We need someone with substance, someone with integrity, and someone who has been consistent in his career. The equation for political consistency is principle, and I think that is something he has.

Ultimately, though, our freedom and well being depends on the people of America. If you have ever read any of the papers by Jefferson, Madison, Adams, Franklin, etc.. They all emphasized that a true republic cannot exist apart from the virtue of its citizens. It was John Adams who said that the constitution was created for a moral and religious people. And what were the founding fathers drawing from? History. The Roman Republic. It was Caesar Augustus who said that the fall of the Roman Republic (which preceded the Roman Empire) was due to the moral disintegration of its citizens. I am not some fanatic who believes that God is punishing America, what I mean is that apart from a sense of moral responsibility, there is no principle or basis for anything we do, and this results in the corrosion of a functioning society.