Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Holder and Democrats Oppose Voter ID (natch)...

Eric Holder is preparing to sue more states (he is already suing more than any other 15 past AG's). They claim that poor minority people would be disenfranchised because they can't get a photo ID, so he is getting ready to hit the states that have passed Voter ID laws.

Here's a question for that corrupt moron and his minions - WHY can't they get a photo ID? They are easy to get.

More to the point, they all HAVE photo ID's - almost every one of those "poor minority people" collect public assistance, and/or smoke, and/or drink, and/or drive. And a photo ID is required for any of those things.

The odds of finding ANY minority person who does not collect any welfare, OR smoke, OR drink, OR drive is probably just south of zero.

Let's not kid ourselves - everyone with an I.Q. that is at least 2 digits knows exactly why Democrats do not want Voter ID laws - can you spell ACORN? Accounts of voter fraud have increased exponentially over the last three elections, and every case involved Democrats. If no photo ID is required, ANYONE could vote - even that guy who just snuck across the border last night. And that is what the Democrats want, because those are exactly the kind of people who would vote for the party of entitlements.


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