Sunday, December 11, 2011

Does This Happen To Anyone Else?...Please Read

When I was 4 years old my mother gave me a 78 record of "Blow The Man Down", followed by "The Ballad of Davey Crockett". That was my introduction to music. It's also as far back as my memory takes me. And ever since that day, I cannot recall a time when there was not music in my head. Let me explain (if I can)...

Every time I awaken, there is already a song going through my mind, as though it had been playing all night as I slept. And every day it's a different song. This morning it was "Heart of My Heart" from the '40's I think. Yesterday it was "Joy To The World" by Three Dog Night - in the '70's. Every morning, without fail, a song is already playing like a radio that is permanently on, with no commercial interruptions.

And the music continues throughout the day, changing songs every now and again. The only time the music stops is when my mind is working on something. But when idle - music. Constant music. Thousands of different songs, spanning centuries (I sometimes "channel" Pachebel or Strauss).

I cannot stop it. As a child in school my teacher complained to my parents that I was constantly humming. I was not aware I was doing so.

I do not know where the music comes from, or why it afflicts me so. And I am curious to find out if anyone else "suffers" from this. Not that it is suffereing - I love music. But after 60 years of it, it can get frustrating when you cannot shut it off.

Naturally, I grew up wanting to be a singer - the next Elvis or Dion. And while I can carry a note pretty well, and even sang in a band for a few years, I was no Elvis.

I could understand being constantly plagued by music in my mind if I were destined to be a great singer or musician. But that was not my calling. So I just do not understand it.

But I would like to hear from others (if there are any) who suffer from similar symptoms, even if it is not music. Perhaps your mind plays with math all the time.

So, if you can relate, please post a comment below.


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Anne said...

Nothing like your lifetime experience, but I did, in the Summer have one song running repeatedly through my mind for around 2 weeks I believe. So much so that I told my then fiance/now husband about it.

Now, I can not even remember what the song was, but I enjoyed it while it happened.