Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Liberal AOL/HuffPost Smearing Christianity - Again...

Today's top headline on AOL: "Home Invasion Leads Police To Christian Paramilitary 'Savior Unit' "

However, nowhere in the story does it say the people involved are Christians. It only says that they are "trained in religion."

The "Savior Unit" does train in religion, but not Christianity. Christianity follows the teachings of Christ - the New Testament. The Savior Unit concentrates on the Old Testament, which is pre-Christ, and therefore not especially Christian.

But the greater point is that a person or group can CALL themselves whatever they wish - that does not make it so. I can call myself the Imperial Potus Of The Patriarchal Planet Of Xenos - but that does not make it so.

Christianity is not a "label" that can be applied to a person simply by going to church or reading Scriptures. Christianity is a lifestyle - the actual following (or sincere attempt at following) the word of Christ. Anyone who does not follow Christ and His teachings is not a Christian. Period!

If Charles Manson had been a Catholic churchgoer, he still would not be a Christian because he did not act or live like a Christian. And if a church preaches hate and bigotry as the Reverend Wright church has always done, that does not make Wright - or his followers - Christians.

So, even if the "Savior Unit" were to call themselves Christian, that does not make them Christian. Ergo, AOL?HuffPost is again being deceitful and dishonest in their reporting in an attempt to minimalize Christianity in America so the far-left loons can push their crazy agenda on the rest of us.


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