Thursday, December 15, 2011

Gingrich Has Sometimes Worked With Liberals - Why? Find Out Here...

Everyone says how smart Newt Gingrich is, yet they condemn him and call him dumb, or "zany" (Romney's term) because he has been known to break bread and negotiate with liberals, and give in to some liberal causes. These people (mostly pundits and politicians, because we, the People know better) seem to think this means Newt is liberal.

No - it simply means he is smart enough to get a job done.

Newt understands the first principle of negotiating - always be willing to ngive up nickles for dimes.

As a real estate investor, I teach people to always put "nickles" in their purchase offer - things they are willing to give up in order to get something better. For example, if I want a seller to pay half my closing costs (usually worth about $4000) I will offer about $10,000 less than I am willing to pay. If the seller balks at paying half the closing costs, I then offer to "increase" my purchase offer by $5000 if he pays the $4000 in costs. If he still balks, I offer up to the $10,000.
Note that I was planning to pay that amount, anyway, so when the seller agress, I come out way ahead.

I use the same technique to get free stuff, from shoe polish to lawn tractors.
That is the art of negotiating, and Newt is VERY good at it. And that is why he would make an excellent president - he can get in and negotiate with a divided Congress and get what we, the People need, because he can negotiate better than any of those clowns.

Sure, he will "give in" to minor agenda items of the libs. But do not doubt that for every nickle Newt gives up, he will get us at least a dime.

If you want a president that can get the job done, then elect someone who knows how to negotiate. Obama knows nothing about negotiating - he simply tries to use force and threats. And while that may work in the Chicago mob, that will not work in Washington for very long.


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