Tuesday, December 13, 2011

AOL/HuffPost Gets Funnier - And More Dishonest - By The Day...

OK, so the Republican house passed the payroll tax bill tonight. (SIDE NOTE: The Republican House has passed 23 bills that the Democrat Senate won't even bring to a vote, even though the Democrat Senate has passed almost NO bills at all they haven't even passed a budget in the three years the Dems have held the Senate).

So here's the headline at AOL/HuffPost:

"House Passes Payroll Tax Bill Packed With Poison Pills "

So, what do they consider "poison pills?" You ge the judge...

1) The plan would pay for the one-year, 2 percent payroll tax cut by means-testing Medicare so that recipients making $85,000 and above have to pay higher premiums. Considering the Democrats keep whining that people doing well should pay more, they somehow think this is a poison pill.

2) Another $62 billion would come from freezing federal pay for a year and making federal retirees pay more for health care. Even though the iconic president of the AFL-CIO and FDR - two liberal icons -  said public employees should not be allowed to "collectively bargain" because their compensation comes from taxpayers, the Democrats think it is a poison pill for public employees who already get more pay and benefits than everyone else should be required to pony up a bit more. Fed employees typically earn 30% more than their private counterparts. So why shouldn't their wages be frozen? And why shouldn't they contribute almost as much to their health care as you and I?

3) It circumvents an environmental review of the Canada-to-Texas Keystone XL oil pipeline. Actually, the pipeline has been heavily reviewed by several agencies for three years, and there is nothing more to "review". The only reason Democrats want more "review" is so they can postpone a decision until AFTER the election. Strictly political. As a side note - the pipeline is estimated to immediately create 20,000 jobs. Last I heard, that was SUPPOSED to be a priority - and it is what the vast majority of Americans want. Still, Democrats call it a poison pill. Especially - and this is important - since the bill does NOT ask Obama to OK the pipeline. It only says that he must make a choice, yes or no. What's wrong with asking the president to make a decidsion? Isn't that waht leadership is all about? Apparently AOL/HuffPost and other liberals don't believe in leadership - just vote "present", as Obama did 90% of the time in as a Senator, so he could not be held responsible for anything.

4) Reduce emergency unemployment benefits from 73 weeks to 33 weeks. Frankly, most Americans (except the lazy) do not believe in LONG extensions for unemployment, because things can change. It is best to increase benefits about 6 months at a time, so Congress can review the need.

5)  Allow states to force the jobless to prove they're not on drugs in order to get unemployment benefits. How is this a poison pill, exactly? Do Democrats really believe that taxpayers want their taxes to be used by drug addicts to get high? This is a perfectly legitimate requirement for taking taxpayer money. After all, a corporation can require drug testing before an employee can take THEIR money - and so do most government agencies.

So, AOL/HuffPost and far left lunatics think the above (5) parts of the bill are "poison pills" because the far-left lunatics do not care about the financial health of America or its citizens. The do not care that 20,000 will not get good middle-class jobs with Keystone, as long as Obama can postpone a decision until 2013, so as not to anger any of his base voters. You see, his base consists of LABOR, which is FOR the pipeline, and ENVIRONMENTALISTS who are OPPOSED to the pipeline. For him to make any decision before the election will alienate some of his base. Purely political. Meanwhile, no jobs for Americans, and no increase in the availability of domestic oil.

This only goes to prove why we have to toss the far-left liberals out of Washington. Sure, let's keep the honest Democrats, like Mansion of WV. But the liberals like Reid who have hijacked JFK's Democrat party should be kicked to the curb. Until we do that, Congress will be deadlocked and America will continue to careen out of control without a driver.


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